Corporate social responsibility


Following the principles of sustainable development, we produce electricity, heat and system services from biogas and other distributed renewable energy sources, providing them to customers in a reliable and competitive manner.

We support our mission with social commitment, especially at the local level.

Supporting environmental initiatives

As a company operating in the renewable energy industry, we are happy to participate in projects which express a concern for the natural environment and shape eco-friendly attitudes.

Local commitment

We support the activities of regional educational and cultural institutions and organizations which have an impact on building local social capital.

Building eco-friendly attitudes

By offering our customers environmentally friendly services and products, we strive to raise their awareness of the need for energy transformation and the role of the low-carbon economy.

Environmental education

We have implemented a number of rules at the company's headquarters, increasing the ecological awareness and sensitivity of employees. We carry out internal educational campaigns and initiatives aimed at building eco-friendly attitudes within the team.