Biogas production technology



Ɓukasz Rola
Chief Designer / Project Team Leader
(+48) 22 548 49 03

Unique biogas production technology

A team of engineers from the Polska Grupa Biogazowa has developed a wide range of smart plant management systems that guarantee maximum efficiency at low production costs.
We provide delivery, design and control systems for plants, both new and existing.


Unique technology

  • Technical design to optimise capital expenditure
  • Quick and easy to build container modules
  • Low failure rate of prefabricated components


Smart systems and software

  • Remote monitoring, control and management systems
  • Substrate dosing system supported by artificial intelligence
  • Biogas, electricity and heat production forecasting system


Energy from bio-waste

  • Responsible energy production and waste management
  • Possibility of using bio-waste as a substrate
  • Significant reduction in production costs


Dedicated service team

  • Maximising efficiency and effectiveness of energy production
  • 24-hour supervision and service
  • Central control and management system