Biogas production technology

Biogas plant – from design to implementation

We offer support in the design, construction and service of a biogas plant

The Polish Biogas Group is a leader in the production of renewable energy from biogas in Poland and a supplier to international markets of innovative technologies, using intelligent IT systems, supporting the production of green energy. We have a unique biogas production technology.

The team of engineers of the Polish Biogas Group has developed a wide range of intelligent management systems for biogas plants that guarantee maximum efficiency at low production costs. We offer delivery, design, installation control system, both for new and existing installations.


The scope of cooperation

Unique technology
Technical design to optimise capital expenditure
Quick and easy to build container modules
Low failure rate of prefabricated components

Smart systems and software
Remote monitoring, control and management systems
Substrate dosing system supported by artificial intelligence
Biogas, electricity and heat production forecasting system

Energy from bio-waste
Responsible energy production and waste management
Possibility of using bio-waste as a substrate
Significant reduction in production costs

Dedicated service team
Maximising efficiency and effectiveness of energy production
24-hour supervision and service
Central control and management system

Investors and installation owners are welcome
to contact our team of engineers

We are also looking for agricultural biogas plants projects prepared for implementation with a connection capacity of up to 0.5 or 1 MW or more, located in Poland. Preference is given to projects with complete formal and legal documentation: current connection conditions and the concluded connection agreement, land, decision on environmental conditions, WZ decision or location included in the development permit, building permit, possibly a winning RES auction or support system.

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