Biomass receipt

We will use your bio-waste to produce green energy

We offer collection of biomass used in the production of electricity and heat

The sources of biodegradable waste for our biogas plants are mainly: agri-food processing companies, farms and livestock farms.

In the field of collection of bio-waste, we cooperate with with:

• fruit and vegetable processing plants,
• producers of vegetables and fruit,
• sugar factories,
• bakeries,
• dairies,
• distilleries.

We also invite companies interested in the utilization of by-products, waste from agri-food processing (e.g. pomace, pulp, pulp, decoction, sludge), including animal by-products (UPPZ) category 2 and category 3.

The Polish Biogas Group ensures and applies high standards of acceptance and processing of substrates, guaranteeing the safety of the agricultural biogas production process. We have many years of experience in the field of biomass utilization and processing.
The modern technologies we use ensure the effectiveness of the process, and the professional team of experts has an individual approach to each of our contractors.

Bio-waste disposal is carried out in accordance with all regulations and legal requirements. In the field of waste disposal from the agri-food sector, our facilities have, among others, decisions of District Veterinary Doctors for the processing of cat. 2 and cat. 3 material.


In accordance with legal requirements, our biogas plants have decisions for processing, among others:

• waste from the sugar industry,
• waste from the dairy industry,
• waste from the baking and confectionery industry,
• waste from the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (e.g. stillage),
• waste from agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, forestry, hunting and fishing,
• waste from the preparation and processing of food products of animal origin,
• waste from the preparation and processing of food products and stimulants and waste of plant origin, including waste from fruit, vegetables, cereal products, edible oils, cocoa, coffee, tea as well as the preparation and processing of tobacco, yeast and production of yeast extracts, preparation and fermentation of molasses ,
• fats from separators,
• animal by-products (including manure, chicken manure, waste whey, slurry),
• technological sludge from the agri-food industry and fatty sludge,
• protein, fat and vegetable oils waste,
• sludges and sludges from the processing of food products.

Terms of cooperation in the field of biomass reception

The Polish Biogas Group in the field of biomass collection offers flexible forms of cooperation, adapted to the client’s schedules and production specificity.

Find the biogas plant closest to your location on the map
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We guarantee:

• stability of cooperation,
• professional service,
• support for the biomass collection process.

How is biogas produced from biomass?

Biogas is produced by anaerobic methane fermentation of organic matter. The raw material used for its production is biomass (biodegradable waste), mainly from agri-food processing and farming. Biogas is a gaseous fuel used to produce electricity and heat. In a safe and professional way, biogas plants enable the utilization of agricultural and food waste, thus fitting into the implementation of the circular economy model.

Often, municipalities and companies from the agri-food industry have a problem with the management of bio-waste. Biogas plants are an ideal place for biomass utilization, guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of the process.

We invite you to watch the film “How a biogas plant works”, presenting the process of biogas production and the principles of biomass utilization at the installations of the Polish Biogas Group.


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