Wood dying

Modern technologies and attractive prices

The offer of wood drying is recommended in particular to carpentry shops, producers of wooden floors, floor panels, furniture producers and other producers of wooden products and structures.

Terms of cooperation

We offer our clients an attractive price per m3 of dried wood compared to market rates – the price depends on the amount of dried wood and the duration of the cooperation agreement. It is also possible to take advantage of the subscription offer, i.e. rent a drying room for a contractually specified period.

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Customer benefits

In the process of drying wood, we use ecological heat and electricity generated in our renewable energy installations (biogas plants).

We offer: 

  • the ability to adjust the drying parameters to individual customer requirements,
  • a modern system for remote control and programming of the drying process,
  • a team providing professional service and support for the drying process,
  • competitive prices,
  • convenient locations of the drying plant in various regions of Poland,
  • terms of cooperation tailored to the client’s needs,
  • flexible delivery and loading times tailored to customer needs,
  • individual selection of chamber capacity (configurable),the possibility of using an attractive subscription offer,
  • modern wood drying technologies.

We use O.S. PANTO and EKOPOL dryers for the process.

suszarnia drewna PGB

We can adjust the parameters of the chambers to individual customer requirements and remote programming and control of the drying process:

  • for various drying modes,
  • for a specific final humidity.

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