Biomass receipt



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Łukasz Dudziak
Head of the Supply and Logistics Department
(+48) 601 951 228


The agricultural biogas plant is used to produce biogas, which is a renewable energy source.

Biogas is produced by way of fermentation, and the substrate used to produce it is biomass, which comes from agri-food processing and animal husbandry.

Polska Grupa Biogazowa is open to cooperation with agricultural and livestock farms in the supply of substrates, in particular by-products, waste from agri-food processing (mulch, pulp, decoctions), including category 2 and category 3 animal by-products.

We have the relevant permissions for the following waste groups and a veterinary surgeon's permission for cat. 2 and cat. 3 materials in the following areas:

  • waste from the sugar industry;
  • wastes from the dairy industry;
  • waste from the baking and confectionery industry;
  • wastes from the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (e.g. distillers’ solubles);
  • waste from agriculture, horticulture, hydroponics, forestry, hunting and fishing;
  • waste from the preparation and processing of food products of animal origin;
  • waste from the preparation, processing of food products and food-based stimulants and plant waste, including waste from fruit, vegetables, cereal products, edible oils, cocoa, coffee, tea and tobacco preparation and processing, yeast and production of yeast extracts, molasses preparation and fermentation;
  • fats from separators;
  • animal by-products (including manure, chicken manure, waste whey, slurry, digestive tract content);
  • technological deposits from the agri-food industry and fatty deposits;
  • protein, fat and vegetable oil waste;
  • leachate and sludge from the processing of plant products.