Sale and distribution of electricity and heat


The product and service package of Polska Grupa Biogazowa includes electricity and heat, which have been produced exclusively in an environmentally safe manner, to be used for your everyday business activity.

Green electricity and heat are contribute to the reduction of air pollution and smog, which is no longer a problem limited to major urban areas.

It is also an opportunity to introduce an environmental policy in your company, but above all to optimise the costs associated with electricity and heat.

Electricity price

Possibility to reduce electricity bills by up to 10–20% compared to network tariffs.

The electricity rate is selected individually, taking into account the customer's consumption profile and the characteristics of its activity.

Electricity consumers

We look forward to doing business with such entities as:
• industrial plants;
• agricultural production facilities;
• agri-food processing plants;
• livestock farms.

Sale of heat

Our package including the sale and distribution of heat is directed to customers located in the close vicinity of our agricultural biogas CHP plants.

The heat can be used both interchangeably with the existing heat source and as an auxiliary medium. Delivery terms, method of settlement and costs are determined individually.

The price may be influenced, for example, by the degree of participation in the investment costs incurred by each party.


Sale of electricity
Tomasz Morawski
Energy Services Officer
+ 48 695 360 156

Sale of heat
Marta Dwornik
Heat Services Officer
+ 48 665 360 164

Heat consumers

Heat can be delivered to:

  • industrial plants;
  • agricultural production facilities;
  • agri-food processing plants;
  • livestock farms (cowsheds, piggeries, chicken farms);
  • owners/managers of multi-family residential buildings;
  • public buildings (schools, offices);
  • local heating plants;
  • local government bodies interested in building low-parameter district heating networks in their area.
  • Lower bills

    Noticeable savings

  • Balancing

    The agreement will include services related to electricity demand balancing

  • Stable cooperation

    We will ensure a stable and predictable price for electricity and heat consumption

  • Convenience

    No need for customer service, e.g. refuelling, lighting and cleaning of furnaces

  • Security and reliability of supply

    We offer a stable heat source, supplied all year round, regardless of weather conditions

  • Building the image of a green institution

    Use of electricity and heat in a 100% eco-friendly way