Eco – Friendly office


Polska Grupa Biogazowa is one of the companies for which responsibility and care for the natural environment are of particular importance.

We are aware that our current attitudes and actions influence the "here and now", but they are also very important in the context of the future of our planet. The media constantly report on disturbing and very often irreversible climate changes.

However, we still have a chance to stop some of them. We must start the changes with ourselves by changing our daily practices and habits.

In addition to many investments in renewable energy sources (biogas plants, photovoltaic farms), Polska Grupa Biogazowa systematically implements activities aimed primarily at protecting the natural environment, as well as increasing ecological awareness and building eco-attitudes, both among employees and contractors.

Therefore, we systematically implement the Eco - Friendly office project in our headquarters.

So far, several eco-practices have been introduced:

  • We have replaced bottled water with filtered water - reducing plastic consumption
  • We segregate waste - we removed individual garbage bins at desks in favour of collective waste segregation containers
  • We collect caps from milk and other drinks cartons, donating them to a charity
  • We have implemented an action to reduce paper printouts

There are still many new solutions ahead of us that will help create a friendly and ecological space at work, but above all, they will be another brick in the fight for the natural environment.


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