There is no smoke without fire, but there is energy without smoke
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Polska Grupa Biogazowa is the leading biogas producer in Poland

The Group's operations began in 2007 on the initiative of people with broad and extensive experience in the field of renewable energy. Its main area of its activity is the production of electricity and heat from agricultural biogas and the provision of services related to the renewable energy sector.

We use innovative and efficient technologies and information systems in our installations.

Sale of digestate

Partnership with farms for the supply of the digestate used for irrigation and soil fertilization. Sale of digestate

Wood drying

Partnership with woodworking shops and manufacturers of wooden floors, floor panels, furniture and other wooden products and structures. Wood drying

Biomass receipt

Partnership with agricultural farms, agri-food plants and livestock farms in the supply of biomass used in the biogas production process. Biomass receipt

11 investments in progress

In 2019, we launched processes aimed at building more biogas CHP plants in various locations in Poland.

13 years of experience

We have extensive knowledge in the area of eco-friendly investments as well as the Polish and international renewable energy market.

7 biogas CHP plants

We use bio-waste in an ecological and safe way and convert it into green electricity and heat.

Eco – Friendly office

Polska Grupa Biogazowa is one of the companies for which responsibility and care for the natural environment are of particular importance. Eco – Friendly office

A photovoltaic farm will be built in Zawady in Mazovia

PGB Energetyka 9, one of the companies of Polska Grupa Biogazowa, signed a contract with MDI Energia for a construction of a 1 MW photovoltaic power plant in Zawady (Mazowieckie Voivodeship). A photovoltaic farm will be built in Zawady in Mazovia